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What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #10

Technical directing precision

  • Follow the 180 degrees rule.
  • Do not cross the eyeline unless you know what you are doing.
  • Make your actors walk in and out of shots.
  • Make shot sizes match

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What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #8

The editing of the film draws your audience’s perception.

  • Editing is the assembly of different shots aimed at creating a coherent sequence.
  • It is an artform.
  • The film director should always take control of the film editing as his vision will only be illustrated if he can control the editing.
  • If not, the film will be a nightmare to edit and will consist of inconsistencies, jump cuts and distracting mistakes.
  • Understanding film editing from the beginning will affect and ultimately control the way you shoot scenes and move your actors

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Secrets of British Film Success 

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What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #5

Sound is an important key

  • Poor sound is sometimes the biggest downfall of independent films.
  • You’d think the sound doesn’t play major roles in a movie but it does.
  • Some professionals claim that if the image is not great, this can be compensated by a great story line.
  • However poor sound is intolerable!
  • Sound recording should be taken extremely seriously if you want to keep an audience.

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Andre Rettedal, Director of Four Hours, has come a long way since filming on set. Sporting his sweat pants and t-shirt, the 19 year old director seemed like any old Joe Bloggs. 

Since his massive success at the Cannes Film Festival 2011, Andre has lost loads of weight and even got suited and booted :)

-Dreams can come true: It takes time, effort, dedication and belief.

Andre Rettedal sets a good example for any young person. It’s never too early to reach for the stars!

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