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Four Hours is available to buy Worldwide from our store.

You can buy it from UK, Europe (including Norway) and Internationally.

  • Four Hours was made on a budget on under £3000.
  • Director, Andre, was 19 years old Norwegian whiz kid.
  • Four Hours was filmed in 6 days.
  • Sold in Cannes Film Festival 2011.

Best Film Award: We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Evening Standard Film Awards: Here are the winners! 

From first-class film-makers to polished performers, the best of this country’s cinematic talent was recognised at last night’s Evening Standard British Film Awards. Our judges report on what made the winners triumphant.

British Film Industry Boomed in 2011.

"Record-breaking £1bn spent at UK cinemas thanks to homegrown hits including Harry Potter, The Inbetweeners and The King’s Speech"

It is due to such a great year in 2011 for British Film that the country is beginning to support such great talent. The amount of money spent on the British Film Industry and the amount of revenue it took back was more than acceptable. This is great news for the industry and we can only hope that it keeps blooming.

"Serious films that have not been Box Office smashes deserve backing too!" 

British Film has been dominating the news recently. This article opposes those of the government who believe that they should only support those commercial films. Other films out there need to be recognised for their performance and their talented abilities. It is not fair to just side line those who have not been Box Office smashes for any reason. 

Denton supports those, so should Britain!

This Is My Quest


Hello. My name’s Siobhan and I am a British film addict. Unfortunately this affliction is very rare and there is no known cure. My hope is that some day most of the population will share some understanding of the condition and join me in spreading the word of British Film!

I have set up this Tumblr in order to record the British films I am currently watching. I hope to let others find out about the little hidden British gems that otherwise you may not have come across.

If everyone had this passion, then the Government will not be having these problems. Support British Film, Love British Film.

Tinker Taylor up for UK Film Awards 

Support British Film Week, Lord Smith 

Lord Smith aims to capitalise on the Golden Period for British Films. 

"British film is in prime position to make a major contribution to the growth of the UK’s economy, to the development of attractive and fulfilling careers for young people and to the creation of job opportunities across the country," Lord Smith said.

He’s right! We should be celebrating British Films. But not only commercial films.. All films. Short films, indie films etc. British Film makes an outstandingly unusual contribution to the country’s Economic Growth. We should celebrate and show gratitude to all directors, producers, actors, screen writers etc..

It’s the least we can do, and just like Lord Smith, Denton Distribution supports British Film Week!

"How Can We Make British Film Boom?" 

The “creative industries” account for 7% of GDP. That is massive! Yet, the Government do everything they can to allow Hollywood studios to come over and take over. 

Lights, Camera, Action.. For Hollywood.

If we did this in house and kept it all British, the Economy could boom. There is a positive correlation with Film and GDP i.e. the Economic Growth.

Read this quick link to find out how the Government can assist with British Film and in the Long Run help Economic Growth. 

It is interesting to know that there even is a relationship between the both but it is fact. 7% of GDP is a hell of a lot! That is a big relationship.

Help out British Film. Help out your country!

Four Hours Movie featured Norwegian Press 

[Norwegian Only - Apologies] 

Director of Four Hours Movie, Andre Rettedal, loves the limelight in Norway. 

Inbetweener's improve UK Film: Taking British Film Overseas 

GO ON MY SON! Or should I say Sons!

The Guardian has covered a story of how the fate of UK Film is left in the hands of “four horny british teens.” They set sail to try and conquer the Worldwide Film market with The Inbetweeners, The Movie a spin off from the hit TV Show.

Good luck to the boys and hopefully UK Film continues to grow.

Well done!

Love film threatened by Netflix emergence? 

Love film are the only streaming package cheaper than newcomers in the UK market, Netflix.


I don’t think so; this seems like a price war has just begun. The competition is just getting stiffer out there don’t you think? At least the consumer benefits in this way :)

19 year old Norwegian Director’s first feature film: Four Hours.

& guess what? It was made with £3000 in 6 days and sold in Cannes Film Festival 2011

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