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Four Hours. Andre Rettedal’s dream movie is now available to be streamed online. Don’t miss a great opportunity to participate in this young Norwegian’s success!


FOUR HOURS - Great Support for the Young Norwegian Whiz Kid. 

Andre Rettedal is receiving high profile support. He is the future.

Join in the pride and joy.

Four Hours written and directed by Andre Rettedal

Andre Rettedal on

Young Norwegian director emphasises his passion for filmmaking and his baby Four Hours

Four Hours is available to buy Worldwide from our store.

You can buy it from UK, Europe (including Norway) and Internationally.

  • Four Hours was made on a budget on under £3000.
  • Director, Andre, was 19 years old Norwegian whiz kid.
  • Four Hours was filmed in 6 days.
  • Sold in Cannes Film Festival 2011.

The press loving the film (even before it was finalised.)

-Waltham Forest News exposes Four Hours, even before it was sold in the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

Andre Rettedal continues his discussion about his first feature film: Four Hours. 

His dream is captured, now he wants to reach for the stars.

19 year old Norwegian, Andre, Director of Four Hours, talks about his experience after filming and selling his feature film.

The smile tells it all!

Four Hours. The Launch Party

photos by

Hosted by Denton Distribution

11.11.11 - Anaya, London

"Classy venue. The place was packed. It was a great turn out. Unfortunately not everybody got in but for those that did, definitely was a good night."

"What a great turn out. Great support for the 19 year old Norwegian director."

Four Hours Set…


Denton Distribution support this! British films should be given the right and given all the necessities to compete with Hollywood films. We shouldn’t be giving Hollywood our films, Hollywood should be scared of our films.

In all this Hollywood is like the big tornado that sucks up everything and anything it wants. Someone needs to do something about this tornado and not let it just keep taking everything. British film have the foundation to become a fantastic industry. All we need is support and guidance.

If Four Hours was given the support from the government that it deserves, then Hollywood may have to watch out for the future of indie films which continues to rise.

Support British Film.



Four hours.

Four hours.

Four hours.

  • Four hours.

Four hours.

Four hours.

Four hours.

Alexandra B. Harris - Actress

Canadian actress, Alexandra B Harris has gained critical acclaim for her performances in Chekhov’s classic The Cherry Orchard and Edinburgh festival’s Reverie for which she was nominated for Best Actress.

As well as theatre success, Alexandra is enjoying success in feature films The Last Man, and Four Hours.  Alexandra is currently residing in Los Angeles. 

She takes the lead female role in Four Hours and adds a feisty and aggressive yet emotionally frightened atmosphere to the feature film! She is definitely one to watch and we wish her the very best of luck for her future en-devours.

Support: Young Norwegian Whiz Director 

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