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Denton Distribution are recruiting to two highly motivated MARKETING INTERNS. 
We are looking for someone who has an interest in film and has a marketing degree / diploma. 
This will be great experience for someone to get experience in the exciting, fast moving film industry.  

Please send your CV 
[closing date 24 February 2012]

What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #5

Sound is an important key

  • Poor sound is sometimes the biggest downfall of independent films.
  • You’d think the sound doesn’t play major roles in a movie but it does.
  • Some professionals claim that if the image is not great, this can be compensated by a great story line.
  • However poor sound is intolerable!
  • Sound recording should be taken extremely seriously if you want to keep an audience.

Read more about how the sound of a film can affect the way it is portrayed in a way you could never imagine on

Don't let classics go to waste, sell them to the audience that matter! 

The Independent covers a breakthrough story today. Britain has spectacular Classic Films. Britain has an avid cinema-goer statistic. The “popcorn-munching” people of today who love to watch their films - why not re-sell classics to them!

It is a great idea which proposes that the legend of films will continue to stay alive. If this is marketed correctly to the best demographic, this could be one for the future!

Denton Distribution supports the innovative minds in the film industry!

What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #1

A spectacular screenplay goes a long way.

  • Screenplay is vital.
  • The director, the actors, the equipment and the grind is all wasted if the story is useless.
  • The hard work needs to be put in right from when the pen touches the paper - this ensures that the story is good enough to sell.
  • Most people do not care about who directed the film, or whose in the film more than what the film is actually about.
  • Put the work in at the beginning so it can be seen at the end.

For more tips regarding screenplay and the three-act structure visit

Ed Burns explains that the Film Industry is changing worldwide 

Just caught Ed Burns being interviews in “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN!

Ed Burns described how the film industry is changing by using himself a prime example. His most recent feature film, Newlyweds, was filmed on a very low budget of $9k. He demonstrated the use of just using a Canon 5d and drew hope for young, determined and talented directors in the film industry.

Times are changing, and the best are those that adapt to these situations.

Our own young and fresh director, Andre Rettedal, did the feature film Four Hours with a budget of just £3k. This is equivalent to half of what Ed Burns had. Andre also used the Canon 5d, and the Canon 5d alone. 

What this shows is that Ed Burns is right. There is a gap in the market for young and innovative players to join and we believe Andre Rettedal is a prime example. There are many others just as talented but not ready to take that step. What we wanna show you is that it is ok to take that step! Take the risk! It may pay off!

Four Hours was sold in Cannes 2011. It paid off!

Netflix for UK Film and TV Streaming :) 

“Netflix was the single biggest driver of internet traffic in the US.”

It is now available for UK film and TV streaming. Denton Distribution is very happy with this. We acquire a variety of UK films from all different genres and applaud new opportunities for availability to film lovers. With this fantastic news, hope for the UK Film Industry to compete worldwide continues to grow rapidly.

2012 will be great!

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