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Ed Burns explains that the Film Industry is changing worldwide 

Just caught Ed Burns being interviews in “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN!

Ed Burns described how the film industry is changing by using himself a prime example. His most recent feature film, Newlyweds, was filmed on a very low budget of $9k. He demonstrated the use of just using a Canon 5d and drew hope for young, determined and talented directors in the film industry.

Times are changing, and the best are those that adapt to these situations.

Our own young and fresh director, Andre Rettedal, did the feature film Four Hours with a budget of just £3k. This is equivalent to half of what Ed Burns had. Andre also used the Canon 5d, and the Canon 5d alone. 

What this shows is that Ed Burns is right. There is a gap in the market for young and innovative players to join and we believe Andre Rettedal is a prime example. There are many others just as talented but not ready to take that step. What we wanna show you is that it is ok to take that step! Take the risk! It may pay off!

Four Hours was sold in Cannes 2011. It paid off!

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