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Legal rights violated?

When can the police stop and search you

The police can stop and search you without having a search warrant if they suspect you of being in possession of:-

  • drugs; and/or
  • an offensive weapon; and/or
  • stolen property; and/or
  • alcohol if you are at certain major football or rugby matches or on public transport travelling to such an event; and/or
  • evidence in relation to an offence under the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002; and/or
  • cash or the cash equivalent of £1,000 or more and that this is the result of criminal activity
  • fireworks that you intend to use anti-socially.

This being the law, how does it work when you are set-up! Journeying to a well deserved holiday only to be stopped and searched by the police. Her life savings were taken away from her and when the matter went to court, sums of cash were missing from the total amount.

Now is this right?

-True story, what are your thoughts? Surely the premises is innocent until proven guilty however this woman had to prove her innocence only to be judged as guilty.

This case continues.

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