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Streep is Thatcher. Thatcher is winner! Well done Meryl Streep for an outstanding award, well deserved!

Streep is Thatcher. Thatcher is winner! Well done Meryl Streep for an outstanding award, well deserved!

Four Hours. Andre Rettedal’s dream movie is now available to be streamed online. Don’t miss a great opportunity to participate in this young Norwegian’s success!


The Woman In Black - Continue to have its grip on top spot!

The Woman In Black - Continue to have its grip on top spot!

What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #10

Technical directing precision

  • Follow the 180 degrees rule.
  • Do not cross the eyeline unless you know what you are doing.
  • Make your actors walk in and out of shots.
  • Make shot sizes match

For more information on these issues and more general principles on how to direct see

A Veteran British Film Studio Is No More 

One of Britain’s top film studios, which has hosted shoots for The Iron Lady, War Horse and The Beatles’ movies A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, has gone into administration.

What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #8

The editing of the film draws your audience’s perception.

  • Editing is the assembly of different shots aimed at creating a coherent sequence.
  • It is an artform.
  • The film director should always take control of the film editing as his vision will only be illustrated if he can control the editing.
  • If not, the film will be a nightmare to edit and will consist of inconsistencies, jump cuts and distracting mistakes.
  • Understanding film editing from the beginning will affect and ultimately control the way you shoot scenes and move your actors

Here are more tips on how to successfully edit your film on

FOUR HOURS - Great Support for the Young Norwegian Whiz Kid. 

Andre Rettedal is receiving high profile support. He is the future.


Denton Distribution are recruiting to two highly motivated MARKETING INTERNS. 
We are looking for someone who has an interest in film and has a marketing degree / diploma. 
This will be great experience for someone to get experience in the exciting, fast moving film industry.  

Please send your CV 
[closing date 24 February 2012]

Join in the pride and joy.

Four Hours written and directed by Andre Rettedal

What a Film Distributor is looking for. Tip #8

Your production design designs the potential of your film.

  • The world of your film must be thought out, brainstormed and locked in well in advance.
  • Do not just put up with whatever is there or what ever you have.
  • You must decide in advance the colours, the styles and everything else visual and prepare it all accordingly.
  • The appearance of everything in your movie will ultimately be portrayed on the viewer’s perception of it.
  • It also tells the world what sort of director you are. You want to make those impressions last!

Read more regarding designing your stage for the world

Britain’s Future for the Film Industry: Adam Deacon, BAFTA Award Winner.

Rising star, who claims to “just be a football fan from Hackney,” took the BAFTA’s by storm yesterday. Deservedly winning his first BAFTA, Adam Deacon expresses his struggle in the Film Industry.

Adam Deacon says despite winning this year’s Bafta Rising Star award, he still finds it hard to get parts in films because older casting directors don’t know who he is.

He claimed the rising star award and that wasn’t for no reason. The talented and hilarious Adam Deacon has starred in teenage dramas Kidulthood and Adulthood. He also had a smash hit with Anuvahood in 2011. Watch out for this “rising star!” He is sure to be successful in the future. Well done and good luck to you sir!

Denton Distribution’s tribute to one of the world’s most beautifully powerful voices. God must’ve needed one of his angels back. Rest in peace to Whitney Houston, your legacy will always continue to live on.

No Matt Damon?

British film shining away at Sundance 

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